Kaeser Kompressoren presents the i.Comp family of reciprocating compressors.
How about an all-in-one?

Compact, versatile and - thanks to its new, high-efficiency drive concept - both oil-free and maintenance-free, the i.Comp 8/9 is the complete all-in-one compressed air station. Let yourself be inspired by it.

i.Comp: Model range of the year
i.Comp: Model range of the year

3 is followed by 8 and 9. The i.Comp 8 and 9 oil-free compression reciprocating compressors complete the range. Both of these innovative, speed-controlled machines can deliver pressure up to 11 bar, whilst at the same time providing everything else that you could want and expect from a modern reciprocating compressor of this size.

How about an all-in-one?

i.Comp 8 / 9 - Reciprocating compressors with variable speed control

The outer skin of the i.Comp 8 / 9 conceals inside it a complete reciprocating compressor station. All that is needed to start work straight away is a power supply and a compressed air connection, and there you have it: “Plug and play”, right there in your workshop.
Tower T versions feature a refrigeration dryer, two air receivers with a capacity of 40 l each, an intuitive SIGMA CONTROL 2 controller and optional compressed air filters.

Robust, compact and extremely versatile, the i.Comp 8 / 9 from Kaeser also features an impressive new drive concept.
The i.Comp 8 / 9 is available as a standard version without air receiver, a Tower version including air receiver and a version featuring refrigeration dryer and filters.

The whole package is contained within a robust, soundproof polyethylene enclosure, which reduces the sound pressure level to a maximum of 66 dB. Thanks to their compact dimensions, i.Comp 8 / 9 units have a footprint of less than 1 m².

Unlimited switching frequency, a powerful fan and optimised cooling air flow ensure that 100% duty cycles are no problem for the i.Comp 8 / 9. Just as with its little brother, no oil changes are necessary thanks to oil-free compression. What’s more, the direct drive reduces maintenance costs even further.

Whether it be for a laboratory, a brewery or a workshop, i.Comp 8 / 9 models are the ideal choice for your compressed air station. If you are planning to set up a workshop, the i.Comp 8 / 9 is the perfect choice for your compressed air supply.

Basic information:

  • Constant pressure up to 11 bar
  • Flow rates from 404 to 570 l/min
  • 80 l air receiver
The i.Comp 9 reciprocating compressor station with integrated refrigeration dryer is perfect for vehicle workshop applications.